Tried and tested, done-for-you, custom Infusionsoft campaigns for your business. Built by an Infusionsoft Certified Partner.

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Simple Lead-Generation Campaign

One of the biggest frustrations for many Infusionsoft users is creating simple campaigns to help with their lead generation, prospect nurturing, referrals, and client nurturing. These simple campaigns can help a business owner fully take advantage of the power of Infusionsoft and get a quick return on their investment.

We’ve been creating sales and marketing campaigns for small business for more than 10 years.

Before we used Infusionsoft we used Act!. We created thousands of letters, emails, and postcards to help businesses automate what you could automate in Act! But we were limited by the technology.

Now we’re bringing these letters, emails, and postcards that we’ve used for almost ten years to Infusionsoft. We’ve taken this tested communication and coupled it with the most advanced small business sales and marketing technology to create Campaign-Fuse, a series of sales and marketing campaigns that every business needs.

Originally we used Constant Contact to schedule regular bulk emails to prospects and clients. The good part was to you could schedule for marketing efforts to run when you wanted to but the bad part was almost everyone was getting the same communication, regardless of where they were in the prospect/customer life cycle.

Then we discovered “Activator”, the Act!, Salesforce, and Outlook add-on that helped you automate many of your marketing tasks. While Activator did a great job with letters and envelopes and it was easy to customize, it needed a database to interact with. Reliability problems with Act! and Outlook being too simple and Salesforce being too hard, it was tough to feel good about it in the long term. Everyone is going to the cloud and the proliferation of mobile devices only reinforces the need get on the cloud.

For the future, Infusionsoft is the solution to your sales and marketing automation and customer relationship management problems.

Infusionsoft makes sales and marketing simple. How? By bringing together everything you need to attract new customers, generate more revenue and send targeted emails that convert automatically.

Infusionsoft combines powerful Customer Relationship Management, e-commerce, and digital marketing tools into a single, online system that works seamlessly. What does that mean for you? You get more done in the time you have – without the burden of managing multiple software tools that don’t work together.

And, unlike other solutions, Infusionsoft is the only sales and marketing software built specifically with your small business in mind.