Infusionsoft Campaigns

Custom Infusionsoft Campaigns for small businesses. There are many people who have purchased Infusionsoft but have never got the value from it they should. Offer this is because they don’t have the right campaigns in Infusionsoft to do what they need to do.

Almost every business could use several of these three types of campaigns in their Infusionsoft application.

1. Lead generation Infusionsoft Campaigns to attract new prospects. You should have at least one campaign for each target market. If you go after a new target market you need to create a new lead generation campaign for the new target market. We can help you do both.

2. Prospect nurturing Infusionsoft Campaigns to sell to the prospects you generate in the lead generation campaigns. Often prospects may not be ready to buy when you’re ready to sell. A nurture campaign will keep you in front of your prospects so when they are ready to buy, you are their top-of-mind choice. We will use the many media options available in Infusionsoft to create these campaigns for you.

3. Client nurturing and referral Infusionsoft Campaigns to WOW your customers and sell more to them. Every year the average business loses 20% of their customers. If you can cut that number in half you can dramatically affect your sales and profits. The client nurturing campaigns we create for you can help you get more referrals, keep your customers longer, and dramatically improve your profitability.


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