Infusionsoft Money-Back Guarantee

For small businesses looking to implement Infusionsoft, Campaign-Fuse is the leading Infusionsoft Certified Partner that guarantees your success or your money-back. Use Infusionsoft as we recommend for one-year and if you don’t see double your return on investment in that year, we will refund all off the money you spent and cancel your application. We provide simple, easy to use custom Infusionsoft campaigns and training to get you started in seven days.


Do the following to be eligible for the money-back guarantee:

1. Import your list into your Infusionsoft app within two-weeks of purchase. Free list preparation and export – We will help you export and prepare your list before you purchase Infusionsoft of $250. When you Purchase Infusionsoft we will credit your purchase $250 so your list preparation in import are free.

2. Send 24 email newsletters to your entire list in one year. We will help you create and send your first two email blasts. We can create and send two email blasts a month for $100/month.

3. Create a web site lead capture form with a low-risk offer for the first page of your web site and any Google Adwords landing page and grow your list by five people a week. We will create your first web form during your initial training.

4. Add five people a week to a campaign and complete the required campaign follow-up and document it. Can be the same five people you add to your list.

5. Attend nine of the twelve monthly Campaign Fuse training calls we hold every month. The calls are held on the second Friday of the month at 1pm Eastern Time.

Campaign-Fuse Money-Back Guarantee: Completing all of these requirements are the basic requirements to assure success with your Infusionsoft application. If you do all of the above and still don’t see a return of your investment from Infusionsoft Campaign-Fuse will refund all of your costs for the purchase of Infusionsoft including your monthly payment and Kickstart fee.

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