Why Buy Infusionsoft from Campaign-Fuse?

Seven Reasons Why You Should Buy Infusionsoft from Campaign-FuseScreen Shot 2014-06-29 at 2.46.50 PM

1. Immediate Action – With Campaign-Fuse you will have several campaigns ready to run in your first weeks with Infusionsoft. One of the biggest mistakes people make with Infusionsoft is failing to get some campaigns up and running so they can start to see results from their investment.

2. Experience – Chris Ripley and Campaign-Fuse have more than 33 years of experience in sales and marketing. When you buy from Campaign-Fuse you can count on having tested campaigns with proven results.

3. Results – When you buy Infusionsoft from Campaign-Fuse you have many years of marketing results behind you, making sure that you, too, get results from your investment.

4. Marketing – Infusionsoft is the all-in-one sales and marketing automation system for small businesses. If you are going to implement a sales and marketing system wouldn’t it make sense to have a marketing expert implement it with you? You can find someone to do the hard IT stuff. It takes years to have the sales and marketing experience we have and give to you.

5. Monthly coaching – We have monthly Campaign-Fuse coaching calls where you can learn from us and others on how to get the most value from your Infusionsoft application.

6. All-in-One Sales and Marketing Automation – If you just use your Infusionsoft application for lead-generation, prospect nurturing, and client nurturing, you will have a major impact on your bottom-line sales and profits. Once Infusionsoft starts to pay for itself you can add the other things you would like to do.

7. The Money-Back Guarantee – For small businesses looking to implement Infusionsoft, Campaign-Fuse is the leading Infusionsoft Certified Partner that guarantees your success or your money-back. Use Infusionsoft as we recommend for one-year and if you don’t see double your return on investment in that year, we will refund all off the money you spent and cancel your application. We provide simple, easy to use custom Infusionsoft campaigns and training to get you started in seven days. Learn more here.

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